Sunday, March 8, 2009

National Conference & Regional Conference Too!

National Conference was way back in October, or maybe even November, but it was
really awesome. Thousands of girls, and a few brave young men met up in Baltimore
to celebrate SWE in all its glory, learn things from workshops, and try to get a sweet
job/internship with one of the hundreds of companies at the career fair. Our fair chapter
sent I believe twelve representatives including nearly the entire collection of officers.
Besides a small hotel snafu, the entire event was a grand success and the unseasonably mild
weather lead to a great weekend for everyone in Baltimore.
Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Pictured is most of the National Conference Group: (L-R) Sarah, Julie, Katie, Brian, Jackie,
Katie, Charlie, and Erin.

And Regional Conference was much more recent, as in being February 6-8 if I recall correctly.
This was yet another demonstration of how awesome our section is, because we dominated all voting sessions, including a bid for us to hold the Regional Conference next year. And we got two
officers elected to regional positions. Those lucky ladies are Rachel Fischer and Katie Kielholz.
Rock on girls, rep that mizzou pride. Go us.

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