Thursday, January 1, 2009

SWE Events

September Career Fair
Last year over 100 companies came to recruit Mizzou students. We organize this event and make sure students sign in and get any information they need for a successful job search. SWE volunteers also help the companies set up their booths in the morning, make sure they have plenty of refreshments during the day, and help them pack and move things in the afternoon. Want some one-on-one time with the recruiters? Sign up to volunteer.

Middle School Engineering Project
This is a fun outreach project that aims to encourage 5th and 6th graders to pursue careers in engineering. We have a Powerpoint presentation that introduces the students to different engineering disciplines. Then we do simple engineering-related projects with the class to show them how fun science can be. Some past projects have been; spaghetti and marshmallow bridges, a roller coaster made of paper and straws, making silly putty, and balloon towers. We visit classrooms in Boonville and Harrisburg several times each year. If you'd like to participate in any of the activities, just email the Middle School Project Chair.

Holiday Dinner
Each year we have a dinner with the professional SWE chapter. You can network with the professionals while enjoying a delicious meal. Members with the most SWE Points will also be recognized at this meeting. Dress is business-casual. Cost is $5.

Girl Scout Day
One of SWE's goals is to promote diversity by getting more women interested in engineering. That's why we introduce Girl Scouts to engineering through simple projects that let them experience the different disciplines. The girls always have a lot of fun participating, and the volunteers have a lot of fun helping them earn their specially designed engineering badge. Want more information? Contact the Girl Scout Day Chair.

This is an activity we do with the professional SWE chapter every year (usually in February). Canned food is used to build a cool design for promoting donations to the Central Missouri Food Bank. If you have a good design idea or just like stacking cans of food, get involved!

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