Friday, February 3, 2012

SWE Points

Earning SWE points is easy! Just attend any of our meetings and volunteer for activities or events. Here is a list of how many points you can earn for participating in SWE activities:

On-Campus Event: 2 base points + 1 point per hour
Off-Campus Event in Columbia: 3 base points + 1 point per hour
Off-Campus Event outside of Columbia: 5 base points + 1 point per hour
Extras: 2 points for early sign-ups, 2 points for van drivers

Three members (not including officers) with the most points at the end of spring semester will receive prizes. Scholarships are awarded in the spring to the three members who earn the most points during the year. You must be a national member in order to earn one of these scholarships!

The scholarship amounts are:

Most points - $1000
2nd most points - $750
3rd most points - $500

To access the most recent points update (March 5, 2012), please see the attached spreadsheet.

Note: This points update does not necessarily reflect the winners of the points scholarships. For the scholarship, all points (up to the April meeting) will be considered.

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